Hi, I'm Chey, and I'm the designer of all of the signatures you see on the site.

Ever since grade school, I would write and re-write the signing of my name and other names just for fun (and out of boredom during some school class lectures). Without thinking about it, I was apparently honing a skill that I never thought people would want to pay for. Odd hobbies can pay off! Now I design signatures for customers from all around the world, and I love doing it.

When you're buying a signature from me, know that you aren't getting a generated computerized font that can just be created from Word or another program. I handwrite every order and only after I learn about your goals your new signature. This means your signature will be unique. This also means if you want me to copy the "font" or "writing" of someone else exactly by hand, I won't be able to do that. When you buy a handwritten signature from me, know that every written letter is custom and unique.